Nature in Prospect Park

Get into the great outdoors from home with these resources from Prospect Park Alliance. Learn more about the park’s natural areas, including the amazing variety of plants in the park, Brooklyn’s last remaining forest and essential 30,000 trees, and the watercourse that culminates in the borough’s only lake. 

Prospect Park Alliance exists to ensure the park is green, vibrant and welcoming for everyone, every day. Now more than ever, we invite you to become an Alliance member: support the park you know and love, and ensure it remains a vital part of the fabric of this community today and for years to come. 


Spring Bloom Guide

As winter slowly turns to spring, observant eyes might find…

Spring Pollination Beauty Shot-Close Up

4 Park Pollinator Hotspots

Woodland Restoration in the Vale

Sustaining the Park's Waterways

Prospect Park Alliance Tackles Toxic Algae Blooms

Prospect Park Alliance has begun construction of natural filtration system,…

Support Your Park

Show your love for Brooklyn’s Backyard and sustain the park that sustains you.

Prospect Park's Woodland Ecosystem: A Live Stream

Prospect Park Alliance Forest Ecologist Howard Goldstein spoke to Turnstile Tours about the park’s essential woodlands.