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Prospect Park Drive

Prospect Park is home to a recreational Park Drive, a 3.36-mile loop for runners, walkers, skaters and cyclists to enjoy, complete with scenic views spanning across Brooklyn’s Backyard. The Park Drive hosts a range of races and cycling events throughout the year.

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Please note that currently two pilots are in effect on the Park Drive:

  • From March 2023 through September 2024, NYC DOT is implementing an 18-month pilot on the park’s East Drive, from Park Circle to Grand Army Plaza.
  • From June 2023 through May 2024, NYC Parks is implementing an e-bike/e-scooter pilot on the full Park Drive.

Learn more about these pilot projects.

Park Drive
Park Drive offers a scenic walking, running, scootering and cycling route circulating the park starting at Grand Army Plaza.
Center Drive
Center Drive crosses the park between West Drive and East Drive and offers a scenic walking, running, scootering and cycling route.
Wellhouse Drive
Wellhouse Drive is a popular destination for walking, running, scootering and cycling in Prospect Park.

Park Drive Pilots

Learn more about NYC Parks and NYCDOT’s Park Drive pilots to create a safer and more accessibly roadway, including a new lane configuration and e-bike protocol.

Park Drive Safety Study

Learn more about the Participatory Budget funded Park Drive Safety Study with recommendations on improving the roadway.

Park Drive Rules + Safety

To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of Prospect Park, please follow these rules and safety guidelines when utilizing the Park Drive.

Prospect Park Track Club Running Race

Running + Walking

Prospect Park offers miles of roadways and paths for competitive and recreational runners and walkers.


Prospect Park attracts cyclists of all levels and abilities throughout the year.

Park Drive Map and Brochure

Download Prospect Park Alliance’s Park Drive Map and Brochure for Park Drive mileage and other useful information.